Rijksmuseum, gallery of honour. © John Lewis Marshall

Renovation of national museum

Building services and lighting design integrated in the architecture.

Resonanz, detail. ©Arup

Creating an immersive landscape

Highlighting identity by infusing light, sound and shadow.

NIOO, exterior view. Credit: Sebastian van Damme

Sustainable concrete

Structural design for Netherlands Institute of Ecology

Ecobridge. ©Ineke Key

Cable stayed bridge as wildcrossing

Enhancing the diversity of fauna.

Exterior view Stedelijk Museum. ©John Lewis Marshall

Hovering superstructure

Renovation and extension of the largest modern art museum in the Netherlands.

Stedelijk Museum

Established in Amsterdam in 2000, Arup in the Netherlands comprises recognised consultants in all aspects of building and infrastructure design. With access to Arup’s specialist networks around the world, the team in Amsterdam is able to bring global expertise to local projects, as well as to consult on international iconic projects.




  • 21May 2015

    New PPP for new courthouse in Breda

    The building is being designed by de Architekten Cie. in close collaboration with Paul de Ruiter Architects. Arup has been signed up for the structural design, building physics and fire safety. The consortium InBalans includes VolkerWessels, Facilicom and Macquarie Capital Group.

  • 11May 2015

    3D makeover for hyper-efficient metalwork

    The image graphically illustrates how 3D printing – more accurately known as additive manufacturing – can enhance the design and production process to the point that the weight and resulting cost of future construction materials could be reduced significantly.

  • 22Apr 2015

    Printed metal structural building elements at Bozar Centre of Fine Arts in Brussels

    The exhibition explores the added value of Additive Manufacturing, also called 3D Printing – a ground-breaking manufacturing technology likely to be critical in the next decades for the lives of individuals, our society and the environment.

  • 22Apr 2015

    Arup opens the doors for Girls’ Day

    Arup invites groups of school girls to spend a day in their offices in Berlin, Frankfurt am Main and Amsterdam.