Events and exhibitions

All over the world Arup teams are involved in events and exhibitions that explore the connections between innovative art, design and engineering.

In London, Arup has created a dedicated exhibition space - Phase 2 - at 8 Fitzroy Street, which is open to the public. Since its opening in 2008, Phase 2 has featured a diverse programme of exhibitions, exploring connections between art, design and engineering. Through this unique programme, Arup aims to engage with the creative community, the general public and its project partners.

The Penguin Pool events series carries the name of the Firm's first project (the Penguin Pool at London Zoo) celebrates and explore design in cities around the globe.

Arup engineers and designers have long enabled the realisation of fantastic forms. In collaborating with artists and architects on aesthetic projects, there are opportunities to explore the potential of new materials and push the boundaries of analytical technique. Visit our Arts and Culture page to learn more about Arup's world-class reputation in this field.