Specialist technical services

We deliver solutions to today’s challenges by fostering unmatched technical skills.

Worldwide, organisations must adapt to unparalleled economic, social and technological change. There is more pressure than ever to deliver more from less, of higher quality, more quickly.

Arup’s technical specialists have deep expertise and ingenuity; they share an inventive, joined-up approach and thrive on problem-solving. We don’t rest until we find the best possible solutions to our clients’ challenges.

For each challenge, we define ‘best’ as the right combination of quality, economy, innovation and efficiency to meet our client’s individual business needs.

At Arup, specialists aren’t confined to the ‘back room’. We are leaders in our fields, and are deeply engaged with our professional and social communities. For clients, our specialists bring not only a tight focus to niche problems, but they can also pool expertise in new ways to develop highly original, improved responses to complex multifaceted situations.

High performance and low risk

Arup understands that businesses must build and maintain their assets, and run their operations to make them leaner and more resilient to hazards and change.

Our advanced technologyresearch and software development teams challenge the conventional, producing new ideas, technologies and software solutions for better and more efficient performance.

Arup applies its world-class skills in resilience, security and risk, fire, wind, seismic engineeringgeotechnics and hydrogeology to better manage the risks associated with natural and man-made hazards, and to develop high-performance solutions for clients worldwide.

Our teams include leading thinkers in materials science, building physicsfluid dynamics and façade engineering. They engineer new systems that make our built environment more energy-efficient, durable, comfortable and affordable.

Design to improve and delight

Arup’s technical specialists craft solutions that make the transformative technological changes that improve our lifestyles.

Our specialists in audio visual and multimediaIT and communications systems and building information modelling work with technology in ways that change everyday life: how we collaborate at work, use transport, and even how we experience sport.

Arup’s acoustic consultantslighting and product designers work to make buildings and infrastructure of outstanding sensory quality. Together with Arup’s theatre consultants they collaborate with architects, arts institutions and artists to create inspiring spaces and experiences.



Nytt Operahus

Striking a balance between the clarity of the sung words and the reverberation of orchestral music.